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Our House, Your Home: the Past, Present and Future of Social Housing
Our House, Your Home: the Past, Present and Future of Social Housing Richard T Kelly
In 2014 novelist Richard T Kelly was invited by Isos Housing, a leading social landlord in his native North East, to investigate the story of social housing, past, present and future. Our House, Your Home – insightful, witty, at times moving, and illustrated with photographs by Sally Ann Norman – tells the 150-year history of subsidised housing in Britain, offers a sharp-eyed study of how a social landlord must operate today, and reflects, too, on what all of us could do to resolve our housing crisis.

Heathcliff Adrift
Heathcliff Adrift Benjamin Myers
Commissioned by New Writing North for Durham Book Festival, Heathcliff Adrift is a series of narrative poems, first exhibited alongside stunning landscape photographs taken by Nick Small.

Conceived while walking the moors of the West Riding in Yorkshire, the work considers the questions: where did Emily Bronte’s eponymous anti-hero go and what did he see? It explores the idea of what happened to Heathcliff during his ‘missing’ three years in Wuthering Heights, an era in which the industrial revolution was in its earliest days and the ragged beauty of the landscape was under threat from the arrival of mechanisation. Further themes include nature, violence, survival and the changing seasons.


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